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REMS press fittings - the benefits

Press Fitting and its Benefits

Press-fitting technologies are now making great progress and becoming well known in many industries. It is replacing almost all other fitting methods due to its low cost and high efficiency, the reason it is so cost effective is because there is no fuel or materials burnt or used in the process. The efficiency comes from the speed the fitting can be done, it takes around 10 seconds overall to do a perfect fit and with an extra battery you won’t need to take any breaks for it to change, just quickly switch the batteries over and charge the one you are not using, each battery will do around 250 presses allowing you to complete small jobs without the need for an extra one, we would always recommend having a spare as you don’t want to be stuck without one.

The pressing tongs used on these machines will not last forever, however, after roughly 10,000 presses the small bar on the pressing tong will crack, this is a predetermined breaking point making sure that you see when the tong is about to break and you know that it is time to stop using it as continued use would be extremely dangerous as the tong itself will break and could cause injuries to the user or other people nearby.

The features these machines have make it very easy to use in almost every situation, before purchase you can choose to have either a straight tool or one with a handle like a drill, this allows you to choose what is best for the types of places you will be using it. Some also have a built-in light allowing you to have perfect vision even in tight spaces with little or no light. To save any strain on getting the right angle all REMS press fitting tools have swivel heads and they are all compatible with an attachment you can buy to allow access at a 45-degree angle and still get the same pressing capabilities.

To make sure you have no problems make sure you get the right one you need and get it from a good brand such as REMS that always provide high quality products and can provide valuable information to help you make the transfer to this excellent new method.